Submit Your Art!



Are you a Tattoo Artist looking for a secondary income? Or a Creative Artist who thinks our Customers would love what you have to share? 

In 2015 we began with eight fantastic Tattoo Artists working with us. We now sell work from over sixty Artists and we continue to grow and commission new work every month.

We open up for Submissions just twice a year. 

Spring / Summer 

2019 Spring / Summer Submission Form

  • 6th March - Open for Submissions 
  • 26th April - Closed for Submissions 

2019 Autumn / Winter Submission Form 

  • 15th July - Open for Submissions 
  • 31st August - Close for Submissions

Artists are asked to contact us during the submission period using an online form. Due to the high amount of submissions we get, we will only be able to respond to successful Artists. 

We have only work with Artists on a Commission basis. 

Everything is free including website hosting and inclusion, photos, marketing, and social media and Artists are paid a fair wage for their designs. If you have any questions, just email to discuss further.

A quick overview of how submission works: 


COMMISSIONS  We commission Artists to create one off designs for us. We pay the Artist their full fee in advance and cover all design and printing costs. Many Artists prefer getting paid a larger one off fee for a design. This involves additional social media support from the Artist and often is used for exclusive limited edition runs of prints.