Are you a Tattooed Couple?

Posted by Hannah Cox on

This is a tricky one - the PC brigade are all ready to get up in our grill about this I'm sure. 

Essentially when El Famoso created his awesome Tat Couple print (see above) I loved it. But what about Tattooed Couples that aren't, well straight. 

So we asked him to create two more Tat Couples for the store - Tattooed Men and Tattooed Ladies. Now - we know these are representative of all Tattooed Couples but it's a start right? So if you are in a relationship, covered in Tattoos and share the same sex - rejoice - we have a print for you!

Now I know this doesn't cover everyone - My partner has zero tattoos and will probably never get any, and most people don't have full chest pieces. I get it - chill out. 

We love all couples - black, white, purple, blue, straight, gay and beyond. Not only that, we don't think these have to just be for romantically linked people - have you got a bromance that deserves a piece of art or a sisterly bond that needs a picture these will also work. 

What do you think - which one is your favourite? 

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