Studio Focus: Scratchline Tattoo, London

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Based in the Heart of Kentish Town, Scratchline Tattoo is the home of several Tattoo Artists specialising in a variety of styles. Anna, Jesse and Susanna have been working with Stag & Raven for a year, selling their unique Artwork in our Manchester Store and Online. 

We get asked all the time for more information on the Artists we work with so decided to combine this into a triple threat interview - speaking to all three of the guys to showcase them as Artists, as well as to let you know abit more about the Studio.

How would you describe your Tattoo Styles?

Susanna illustrative, surreal, delicate

Jesse Geometric, Mandala, Blackwork

Anna Illustrations for grownups

So, When did you realise that you wanted to be an Artist? 

Anna When I was a kid I saw a book illustrated by Brian Froud. That was when I realised I wanted to be an artist! (if you don't know Brian - he created some of the Amazing puppets in Dark Crystal and Labyrinth!)

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What jobs did you do before becoming a Tattoo Artist? 

Susanna I did a lot of different things completely unrelated to art such as waitressing, office jobs, retail to name a few as well as different jobs already as an illustrator like publishing 3 children's books, a bunch of commissioned illustrations for magazines and some solo and group exhibitions.

Blimey – that’s a lot! So if we were to come to the Studio, what Music will we get to listen to?

Jesse It varies depending to who else is in the shop but left to my own devises, Godspeed, 16 Horsepower, Tom Waits, Crooked Fingers...


What Artists influence you?  

Anna Pre-Raphaelites, Alphonse Mucha, Emily Rose Murray, Sneaky Mitch and loads more!


Jesse I have been most influenced by the tattooists at Into You. Particularly Alex Binnie, Curly Moore and Xed LeHead.


Susanna I admire contemporary artists such as Tiffany Bozic, Ozabu, Craww and Nick Sheehy to name a few. I try to visit museums and exhibitions from classic to modern art as much as I can. I also love botanical books and old medical encyclopaedias.

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What up and coming Artists would you recommend keeping an eye out for over the next year?

Anna My friends Cvetelina and Lol. They're both extremely talented!

Jesse – I agree – and don’t forget Ro Thorpe!

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What Advice would you give Future Tattoo Artists?

Jesse The same advice I was given. Anyone can learn to draw. It may be easier/harder for some people but if you work on it every day you will get there.

Are you guys headed to any Conventions this Year?

Anna Leuven in Belgium (May), Trollhattan in Sweden (March) and hopefully more!

Susanna I’m doing Meltdown and Umea Tattoo Fest in Sweden and Leuven in Belgium

Jesse I'll be Leuven, Brussels in May, Leeds in July and I'll be guesting in Barcelona a couple of times in the coming year.

Any Last words for the Stag & Raven Crew?

Anna Don't watch TV, it's bullshit!

LIKE THE SOUND OF THESE GUYS? Check out their Studio in London HERE. 

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