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Lol Beck describes her art as Neo-Traditional, Japanese and Chola-ish. Based at Kings Cross Tattoo in London, she knew from a young age she would be some kind of Artist. 

Art was the only thing she could concentrate on. When she would get very frustrated in other lessons at school, she would usually be sent to her art teacher!

We sat down to talk through her past, her influences and dreams for the future. 

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What jobs did you do before becoming an Artist became your full time job?

Oh god, everything! I was a Hairdresser, Barista and did lots of retail. All while trying to draw on the side.

When you are working do you like to listen to Music? If so what kind?

My music taste is really diverse! My mum is an old Skinhead so I was brought up on Reggae/Ska. It can go from Buju Banton to Amy Winehouse to Deftones!

Who would you class as your influences or favourite Artists?

Snappy Gomez, Sarah Carter and Lambdin

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What up and coming Artists would you like to shout out about and support (if any?)

Oh there's so many! Definitely Ro Thorpe (@rothorpetattoo) This girl is unbelievably underrated! And (@bananajims) This guy has amazing talent and is doing so well for an Apprentice!

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Do you have any particular goals or dreams you want to achieve as an Artist?

As long as I can produce a good long lasting tattoo and progress with each one I do, I am happy! Oh and Conventions would be a bonus!

What Advice would you give to any aspiring Artists / Tattoo Artists?

Keep going. Social Media can make us compare ourselves way too much! Just keep drawing, you will get better.

If we were trying to seduce you with your perfect dinner, what would we have to cook you?

I'd fall in love with you if you made me a Roast Dinner!

Recommend us an Album to play in the shop this week and let us know why..

On Spotify there's a playlist called "Chicano Oldies" You'll love it.


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If I said you could tattoo anything you liked on my body - were would you choose and what?

Your leg, with black and grey traditional designs. Lots of roses, lady heads, switch blades and spider webs. The kinda thing your mum probably doesn't want you to have

Finally, any last words?

Extremely cliche, but if you want it hard enough, you will get it. And thank you Stag & Raven, you're absolute sweethearts!

Thanks Lol! You can shop Lol's work below or head to London to get tattooed! 


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