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Lauren Shepherd was one of the first Artists to get in touch with us last year when we opened the shop. An Illustrator based in Newcastle, her art is delicate, romantic and macabre. 

We caught up with her to discuss her life as an Artist and find out more about the things that she likes. 

So Lauren, have you always been an Artist or have you done other jobs? 

Lauren - I grew up with a life filled with paint, clay and fabrics, but i finally became an illustrator and concentrated on my drawing at uni. Before I fully concentrated on my Art, I worked in a lot of bars and travelled.  

What kind of things influences you? 

L - Nature documentaries and wildlife photography. When I am working I mostly listen to the radio and love the late night jazz sessions . A very guilty pleasure is country music too!


What Artists do you like at the moment? 

My biggest current inspiration is a local artist called Vanessa Foley. I fall in love with each drawing or painting she does and i feel hugely inspired by her.

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What are your big dreams and goals as an Artist - do you have any advice for someone wanting to become an Artist? 

My advice would be keep going - Think of Dory ... just keep swimming. As for my dreams I would love to use my art to help promote animal charities and see my illustration reaching a bigger audience



So, Lauren - tell us a bit more about yourself.. what would your perfect day be? 

Early morning dog walk. I don't mind if its cold or hot as long as there's sunshine. Home for a healthy breakfast and Yorkshire brew. Then straight into the studio for a day of drawing in my beautiful studio. Another quick dog walk in the afternoon followed by a snooze. And then after dinner settle in for a new netflix documentary binge!


Thanks so much for sharing with us Lauren! You can shop Lauren's Collection below. 


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