Artist Interview: Josh Coburn

josh coburn Tattoo Artist

Josh Coburn's fantastic prints are best described as Dark, Stylish & Elegant. A Tattoo Apprentice based in Manchester we were so excited when Josh came into the shop to show us his work. 

As you can see from his collection shown at the bottom of this interview, Josh has a beautiful, fluid style that we couldn't resist.

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We like to sit down with the Artists we work with to find out what makes them tick, who influences them and how we can persuade them to tattoo us!  

When did you realise you were an Artist Josh?

I have always been interested in art but never thought I could pursue a career in it so after my gcse's. Instead, I was adamant on going to college, getting a trade and moving to Australia! Electrical installation wasn't for me, so I had to find something else!

I've worked in retail, warehouses, fast food you name it, just so I can concentrate on my art. I do still work in a bar at weekends but it's helped me gain social confidence which is pretty useful when dealing with clients and networking.

What other Artists or Tattooists influence your work?  

Names that spring to mind are Johnny Gloom, Luke Dixon, Phil Wilkinson and Richey Beckett but it's basically any creative person who works hard on their specific craft whether that be drawing, filmmaking or writing. I work with Kameeleon at his studio in Manchester and definitely think he is one to watch!

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Do you have any specific goals or dreams when it comes to your art?  

Nothing major, just worldwide recognition :) 

Oh nothing big then! So if we were coming to get tattooed by you, what music would you be listening to? 

Bonobo, they gave the electronic generation just what it needed, organic uplifting music. Black Sands is life changing!

What advice would you give to any one starting out? 

Whether you are an Artist or not, make sure to take this life advice, "It's not a job, it's a lifestyle". Thats how everyone should try and work.

Not a bad idea! So, when you are not working, whats your perfect day?  

All I need is a bit of sun, some cold beers and a pentel marker pen. And a dinner of pasta would be perfect

Sounds like a good day to us! Thanks for talking to us, and you can check out Josh's art collection below! 

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